About Me

I am a proud mom of two healthy, confident, awesome teen/tween daughters, a patient, adventurous rescue dog, and a demanding (and surprisingly charismatic) chinchilla.

The woods and mountains are my happy place; my best ideas show up there. Cities are fun in small doses, and the beach is pretty nice, except for scratchy, crack-invading sand, cold water, and sharks.

Practicing yoga reminds me to notice all the wonderful things in my life. I love studying this amazing body-vehicle we get to inhabit for a while. Yoga philosophy has been a reliable source of inspiration and practical guidance for 20 years and counting. Teaching Iyengar yoga is such a fun and rewarding way to share my love of these subjects with you.

Currently, I am most excited about sharing yoga wisdom through the “Patanjali Place: Adventures in Yoga Philosophy” children’s book series and YogaYama kids programs.

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