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What is Patanjali Place?

Patanjali Place is a fictional community founded by a tortoise named Finn who stumbled upon a (non-fictional) ancient text called The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. He was so inspired by what he read, he wanted to share it with others. One by one, others became inspired, too. Before long, a community of diverse individuals were living as neighbors, supporting each other in practicing the principles found in the Sutras.

The Patanjali Place childrens book series

The series consists of ten picture books, written for children ages 4-8. Each book is dedicated to one of the ten yamas & niyamas, which are values widely accepted by many traditions. These ten principles are considered an essential first step to any yoga practice, according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. You can also think of them as ten aspects of our true nature. When we live in accordance with these principles, life flows smoothly and we enjoy healthy connections with others. When we are scared or stressed, we tend to violate these principles and inadvertently create more suffering.

No yoga-related children’s book would be complete without a few poses! Each character also learns a few poses to help soften intense emotions, gain mental clarity, and provide the energy needed to succeed on their quest. 

The Patanjali Place Vision

~To help strengthen the trust and connection between parents and their children by supporting heartfelt communication

~To teach children that they have these ten wonderful qualities inside them. Sometimes it takes courage to share them. Making mistakes does not diminish their goodness. The troll from Frozen says it best…

“People make bad choices if they’re mad or scared or stressed. But throw a little love their way and you’ll bring our their best!” –Troll from Frozen

A healthy parent-child bond helps children become emotionally intelligent and resilient. As emotional intelligence grows with each generation, our interactions become more harmonious and the world more peaceful.

Book #1: Behind Mogo’s Mask, released 8/1/2021

A ROARingly fun yoga adventure story that teaches empathy and kindness

Fed up with getting teased about his flat teeth, a hungry young lion named Mogo crafts a scary mask with monstrously sharp teeth. Mogo loves his mask. With one “ROAR!!!” he can take anything and everything he pleases, including a cool motorcycle that takes him far from home. One day, he meets Finn, an old tortoise who will not allow Mogo to take his lunch. Nor is Finn content letting Mogo believe that scaring others makes him powerful. Finn has a plan to help Mogo discover his true inner strength, but is Mogo ready to give up his beloved mask? 

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