Behind Mogo’s Mask

Book #1 of the Patanjali Place series, Behind Mogo’s Mask, is now available on (this site supports your local bookstore!) and on Amazon.

Hot off the presses, this book quickly reached best-selling status! Scroll down to see what readers are saying.

A ROARingly fun yoga adventure story that teaches empathy and kindness

Fed up with getting teased about his flat teeth, a hungry young lion named Mogo crafts a scary mask with monstrously sharp teeth. Mogo loves his mask. With one “ROAR!!!” he can take anything and everything he pleases, including a cool motorcycle that takes him far from home. One day, he meets Finn, an old tortoise who will not allow Mogo to take his lunch. Nor is Finn content letting Mogo believe that scaring others makes him powerful. Finn has a plan to help Mogo discover his true inner strength, but is Mogo ready to give up his beloved mask? 

Readers’ Reactions:

 “I like everything about this book. we are all different. be yourself, be kind and people will like you.” Caylee age 6

Xander, age 3.5, wanted to hear the story again and again. When reminded that he would be learning about lions in school the next day, said, “I hope we learn about Mogo!”

“My son (age 6) and I both loved this book. The illustrations are delightful and the story is both humorous and insightful. Such a great reminder for my little guy about treating others with kindness and love.” -Tamar B.

“This charming and beautifully illustrated book opens up a conversation between children and parents about concrete ways to manage negative emotions and positively express oneself. I highly recommend adding it to your child’s bookshelf.” -Sarah S.

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